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GenieVOX Organizer's Tools

Getting Started

Here are the Organizer's Tools. Be sure to bookmark this page. You’ll be back, again and again!

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Send a brochure

Click the button to email a personalized GenieVOX brochure to your friends, business associates and prospects.

You need your Genie Number, the recipient’s first and last name, and their email address. We’ll do the rest. Genie will prepare and email a personalized message and brochure for you. Every sale from that brochure is instantly credited to you, because the brochure is uniquely tagged with YOUR Genie Number.

After you get your Genie Number,
click here and send a test brochure

Print brochures

If you want something to hand to people, or put into traditional mailings, or their shopping bags, click the button to create a printable GenieVOX brochure, like the email brochure above.

All you need is your Genie Number. You can enter other, optional, business referral information to further personalize the brochure. Then print 1 or 1,000 – anytime, whatever you need.

Create a GenieVOX banner for your website

Click the button to create an automated GenieVOX banner that you can put on your website. When visitors click on the link, and signup, they’ll automatically be signed up as your subscriber and added to your book of business, because the link is personalized with YOUR Genie Number.

Create a Genie Messenger for your website and email

Just click the button and create your very own automated Genie Messenger. Put the Genie Messenger on your website or email it to your friends and business associates. Anyone can click on your Genie Messenger to instantly send you a paging-style message with their name, telephone number and a short message. Genie will get the message to you by phone-call, text message, or email – however YOU want it.










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