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GenieVOX – Member Overview

GenieVOX helps you make the connections you need, when you need them.

Get Connected without Getting Hooked
Be Linked In, not Locked In!
Join a GenieVOX Community today

What’s a GenieVOX Community?
A GenieVOX Community is any group of people who have decided to join together using the GenieVOX unified communications system: From multilevel marketing organizations to the student body at a school; from a political party to a dating service; from a trade guild to a religious fellowship. A Genie Community can be as small as two people or as large as the world – it’s up to you.

What do I get with GenieVOX?
With GenieVOX, you get a perfect solution for group communication: The GenieVOX Voice Network, the GeniePage and the GenieCard, VISA branded debit card.

For A flat monthly fee of $4.95, you get

The GenieVOX Voice Network

  • A private toll-free Genie Number good anywhere in the United States and Canada
  • The most robust voicemail service for all your messages
  • A flat rate of four cents per minute for all incoming calls originating from everywhere in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico the US Virgin Islands and all of Canada.
  • 99 PhoneBooks distribution lists to categorize and store the names and Genie Numbers everyone you want to reach by GenieVOX
  • Free message distribution to one or to thousands
  • Interactive messages, so you can listen and respond with your own message, and they can do the same.
  • Return calls from anyone outside the GenieVOX network with the push of one button
  • Received all your messages as an email attachment - Save them forever on your computer or forward to others
  • Three MINUTES of time in each freely distributed message – not 3 lines of squished text at 10 cents a message
  • Opt for Text message notification when you have received an announcement
  • Anyone you refer as a subscriber has their Genie Number automatically registered to your PhoneBook. Build your network automatically in real time!


  • People can page you for free - domestically and international - through GenieVox.com
  • Voice, email and text message notification that you were paged and the return telephone number left by your party.
  • Call back anyone who paged you with a single push of a button
  • Automatically qualify to receive a Genie Visa Card, without a credit or employment verification.
  • Send and or receive money from any other GenieCard holder. Great for receiving or sending commissions.


  • Visa purchasing power and ATM access worldwide.

What do you mean “Linked in, not Locked In”?

  • You can create your own community of friends, business associates, down line groups, or family members with whom you wish to send and receive messages. From Two to Two Hundred Thousand – and beyond. Grow your GenieVOX network as large as you want.
  • Use your one and only Genie Number to subscribe to any other member of the Genie Community; you can communicate on the same number with your employer, your church, your baseball team or school, emergency services, or any Genie Community member you wish.

    How do I find a GenieVOX Community to Join?

    There are several ways to find GenieVOX Communities.
  • Visit www.GenieCommunities.Com and use the list and search tools.
  • Search your group’s own website or other shared resource for the “GenieVOX” name.
  • Ask the organizers of the various groups you belong to – ask at your HR office, your membership director, or your sales and marketing manager – “Are we using GenieVOX?” If the answer is “Yes!” just get the Genie Number to register. If the answer is “no,” ask “Why not?!”, and send them here!
  • Ask your Friends, “What’s your Genie Number?”


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*The Genie Personal Assistant, GenieVOX, GeniePage, Genie Number, GenieMail and calling card services are provided on the AllCom Universal Office platform. **The minimum age requirement for GenieCard holders is 18. The GenieCard Visa® Prepaid Card is issued by MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.
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