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GenieVOX – Organizer Overview

From the neighborhood book club to a nationwide multilevel marketing giant, some needs are always the same. If you’re the organizer of any group, you’ve got to do at least these things for your members:

  • Keep them involved
  • Keep them talking
  • Keep them interested
  • Keep their commissions and residual income coming

    GenieVOX let’s you do all that, with some of the best tools in the world for member communication and service.

    With GenieVOX you can
  • Distribute timely information
  • Get members together for events
  • Spur them to action
  • Keep them involved

    A Complete Voice Network
    GenieVOX isn’t an answering service or even a “voice-mail and messaging” system. It’s a complete Voice Network. With GenieVOX, you can do it all, from broadcasting information, to carrying on extended conversations, to conducting polls and surveys.

    What do members get with GenieVOX?
    With GenieVOX, your group gets a perfect solution for inter-member communication: The GenieVOX Voice Network, the GeniePage and the GenieCard, VISA-logo debit card.

    For their flat monthly fee of $4.95, each member gets

    The GenieVOX Voice Network
  • A private toll-free Genie Number good anywhere in the United States and Canada
  • The most robust voicemail service for all their messages
  • A flat rate of four cents per minute for all incoming calls originating from everywhere in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico the US Virgin Islands and all of Canada.
  • 99 PhoneBook distribution lists to categorize and store the names and Genie Numbers of everyone they want to reach by GenieVOX
  • Free message distribution to one or to thousands
  • Interactive messages, so they can listen and respond with their own message. Messaging between GenieVOX subscribers is free.
  • Return calls from anyone outside the GenieVOX network with the push of one button
  • Receive all their messages as an email attachment - Save them forever on their computer or forward to others
  • Three MINUTES of recording time for each message – not 3 lines of squished text at 10 cents a message
  • Opt for Text message notification when they have received an announcement
  • Anyone you refer as a subscriber has their Genie Number automatically registered to their PhoneBook.
  • Build your network and genealogy automatically in real time!

  • People can page them for free - domestically and international - through GenieVOX.com
  • Voice, email and text message notification that they were paged and the return telephone number left by their party.
  • Call back anyone who paged them with a single push of a button
  • Automatically qualify to receive a Genie Visa Card, without a credit or employment verification.
  • Send and or receive money from any other GenieCard holder. Great for receiving or sending commissions.

  • Visa Debit Card purchasing power and ATM access worldwide.

    How do I organize a GenieVOX Community?

    Organizing your own community couldn’t be easier. Just a few simple steps and you’re up and going as a new GenieVOX Community:
  • Sign up for your personal GenieVOX Account
  • Have your members sign up for their own GenieVOX account, using YOUR Genie Number as the referral
  • Have your members register their EXISTING Genie Number
  • Optionally, Register your new community with the Genie Communities website

    Do I need to Register my Community?

    Registering your group as a Genie Community on the Genie Communities website is purely voluntary, but it can be of great value. By registering with Genie Communities, you can:
  • Help new members connect
  • Attract new people to your organization
  • Increase the visibility of your group to the public

    Can my members join more than one Community?

    One of the great things about the GenieVOX Community system is its openness. You and your members can use a single GenieVOX account to participate in as few or as many Genie Communities as they wish. Mix and match your memberships however you want.

    This gives the GenieVOX system two huge advantages over other, more restricted systems:
  • You can attract even more new members. Because it’s not an isolated “this group only” account, your members are more likely to sign up for a GenieVOX than for a single-use system. And people who already have a GenieVOX account are even more likely to join YOUR group – they’re most of the way there already
  • You can easily build a multi-level network for your group. For example, we know that your down line would like to hear your updates, suggestions and messages to help build their own organization. They can receive and pass these messages, free of charge, to their down line or create new messages of their own. Messages are interactive so when a message is received a response is just a push of a single key away.

    GenieVOX subscribers may also want to hear from their church, school, trade union, or sports league. GenieVOX can be as simple or as detailed as needed.

    Or, maybe you have more questions...? If you have an interest in becoming an Authorized Reseller, phone us at 800-850-5500 Or Click to Connect!

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