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GenieVOX Universal Office User Guide

How to set up and use Your GenieVOX Universal Office Telephone


How to set up and use Your Universal Office Telephone Functions

The following are the key steps to starting with the Universal Office services:

Using the Universal Office on the Web

Setting Up Your Web Portal

To get started, go to our website at www.GenieVOX.com Login within the Subscriber Login area, which appears on the top right hand side of the homepage: To Login you need to enter your Genie Number (with no spaces or hyphens). Enter your pass code (your 4 digit pass code). Then Click on the Blue Cross. Once you have done this, the Main Account home page will then appear. From here you will be able to manage the various aspects of your service.
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Main Account Homepage

This is your main account home page. From here you will be able to manage various aspects of your service. The upper right hand of the screen will show you how many unheard voicemail messages you have received. The first step will be to setup your service in the most effective manner. Click on Settings from either the bar across the top of the page or in the title section.
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Settings is the page you will use to setup and manage your interactions with your Callers. The tool bar on the left margin is designed to give you access to each of function pages including your personal customer information.

Notice your current Genie phone number(s) are displayed in the upper right hand corner. Select Customer Information from the left side margin. Complete all fields and press the Save button.
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Changing Your Password

Select Change Password from the left margin. This is a simple process and can be done as often as you like. Enter your old password. Enter your new password. Enter your new password a second time to confirm, then click on Save and you are done.

We recommend changing your password from the generic one we set to ensure your privacy.
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Genie Numbers settings

Select Genie Numbers from the left margin of the Settings page to open this page. On the Genie Numbers page, you will see a drop down menu in the middle of the page with your existing number(s). Select a number from this drop down menu that you would like to work with. Press the select button to make your selection from the options available for that Number. These options allow you to decide how Genie greets your callers.

Select Answer with Initial Tone (always recommended). Click Answer with Day Greeting if you want Genie to say - Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Set your Time Zone from the drop down menu. Choose your Language preference. Click the Save button.

To exit from this page, select Genie Number from the tool bar on the left hand side of the page to get back to the main Genie Number page, or press any other desired setting in that tool bar or the tool bar at the top of the page.
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Greetings Play Back

This section lets you control what your callers hear when calling you: Ask for Language will ask the caller to press 1 for English and press 2 for Spanish.

Automatic will play your greeting immediately. (This is the standard setting). Name then Greeting will state your name followed by the greeting. Silent menu will not give callers options and begin ringing.
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Outbound Caller ID

Click Caller-ID from the left margin. This section lets you control the out going phone numbers. Those you are calling will see the following using the various service options:

Notification Callbacks: The number the service calls if you have requested to be called when you receive a voice message.

AudioGrams: The Caller ID used when you send broadcast marketing messages utilizing your Phone books.

Placing a Call: The caller ID is used when you are calling someone through Genie.
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Select Phone Books from the left margin. This page is for creating Phone books. Phone books can be used to call groups of people via a single message.
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Creating a Phonebook (This can also be created by phone)

Click the Add button to create a new phonebooks. All accounts are created with a 02- default phonebook. We recommend not using the default phonebook to send messages as it keeps track of all referrals and is automated.

You may create as many phonebooks as you will need. New phonebooks will start with 021 and continue to 0299. The first part of every phonebook is your Genie number. Select Phonebook to add numbers to (fill).
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Naming Phonebooks

Click the circle in front of the phonebook you wish to modify. Click the modify button. Delete the code in the Phonebook Name" box at the top. Enter the name for this phonebook (i.e. Family, Agents, Main Distribution, etc.)

If the phonebook consists of outside telephone numbers, please choose the default Audiogram setting at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to have the names recorded as well as entered, you will need to access the phonebook via the telephone and record the name for each number.
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Select Reports from the left margin of the Utilities Settings. This page is to obtain your call detail and billings information. Click on the Call Detail Report Box. Enter the Start Date and End Dates to generate a report for a specific time frame.

There are 3 reports available for your convenience: - Summary - Financial Detail - Calling Detail.

Reports are available in two formats - Check the Spreadsheet Format box to create an Excel file or if a Print type report is all that is needed, don't click box. Finally click Generate to create.
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Viewing Messages

From your message screen: Click on the Subject Line of the message you want to view. In the lower left corner, click on the .WAV file to hear your messages.
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Deleting Messages

From your message screen. Check the box(s) for the messages you want to take action on. Then select the Delete buttons in the upper right hand side.
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Select Miscellaneous from the left margin. This page is for selecting your primary number and setting your time zone:

Select Time Zone from the drop down menu.
Choose your language preference for your outbound calls.
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How to use Universal Office Services On The Phone

Your Genie utilizes many menus to help you communicate. This section explains the various menus and their functions. Genie's menus are based on a pioneering menu system called "Collapsing Menus". By using this type of menu system, Genie will only offer you or your caller's relevant options.

The Following are the key steps to continue with Universal Office Phone services:
Choose your language preference for your outbound calls.
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How to Access your Universal Office

  1. Dial your Genie Number (you should program your phone (s) to call your Genie number automatically in quick dial mode for fast access.)
  2. Press the star (*) key
  3. Enter your passcode (pin number)
  4. Press the pound (#) key

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Listen to your messages

  1. Access your Universal Office.
  2. Press 1 for the Message Menu.
  3. Select message folder.
  4. Press 1 for New Messages.
  5. Press 2 for Saved Messages.
  6. Listen to message.

During the playback of any message you may:

  • Press * to rewind 2 seconds.
  • Press # to fast forward 2 seconds.
  • Press 0 to pause/un-pause.

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Message Handling Options

After you have listened to a message you can press:

  1. Replay message.
  2. Save message in Saved Folder.
  3. Delete Message.
  4. Hear the time and date of message
  5. Save message in New Folder.
  6. Forward message.
  7. Reply to message.
  8. Add sender to a phonebook.
  9. Exit to User Menu.

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Send a message to another Genie and Phonebook

  1. Access your Universal Office.
  2. Press 4 for Send Message Menu.
  3. Select Message Type.
  4. Press 1 to send to another Genie number or all the numbers listed in a phone book (*02).
  5. Press 4 to send to selected numbers from a phonebook. You will be given the option to select.
  6. Enter Genie number or phonebook (*02) number. (Press # after entering number to show you have finished.)
  7. Record Message. (Press # to stop recording.)
  8. Press 1 to Send.

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To respond to a Page

  1. Access your Universal Office
  2. Press 3 to Review Call Return Numbers (Paging Menu)
  3. Press * (star) to Return Call.

Other Options Are:

  1. Press 1 to Repeat Call Return Number.
  2. Press 2 for Next Call Return Number.
  3. Press 3 to Delete Call Return Number.
  4. Press 4 for time and date.
  5. Press 5 to Save Call Return Number as New.
  6. Press 6 to Respond to Call Return Number.
  7. Press 7 to Forward Call Return Number.
  8. Press 8 to Add Sender to Phonebook.
  9. Press 9 to Exit.

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Phonebooks (via Phone)

Create a New Phonebook

  1. Access your Universal Office.
  2. Press 8 for the Option Menu.
  3. Press 1 to Use Phonebook (Phonebook Menu).
  4. Press 4 to Create Phonebook.
  5. Select Phonebook Type.
    Press 1 for On-System Phonebook (other Genie numbers).
    Press 2 for Off-System Phonebook (external phone numbers).
  6. Record a Name for new phonebook.
  7. Universal Office will issue phonebook Number
  8. Universal Office will take you back to the Phonebook Menu.
  9. You MUST Modify the new phonebook to add numbers.

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Modify Phonebook

  1. Access your Universal Office.
  2. Press 8 for the Option Menu.
  3. Press 1 to Use Phonebook (Phonebook Menu).
  4. Select Phonebook To Modify.
    Press 1 to select MAIN Phonebook (*02).
    Press 2 to select a specific phonebook.
    (Enter phonebook number.)
    Press 3 to select from a list of phonebooks
    Universal Office will list all your phonebooks.
    Press 1 to select a phonebook or Press 2 to list next phone book.
  5. Follow prompts to add, delete or edit phonebook numbers.

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Changing Your Universal Office Options

Re-Record Welcome Greeting

  1. Access your Universal Office.
  2. Press 8 for the Option Menu.
  3. Press 3 to change options.
  4. Press 1 to For Change Greeting Menu.
  5. Press 2 to Re-Record your Welcome Greeting.
  6. Follow Prompts and save New Welcome Greeting.

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Change Your Password

  1. Access your Universal Office
  2. Press 8 for the Option Menu
  3. Press 3 to change options
  4. Press 3 again to Enter New Password
  5. Confirm New Password

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Recover Deleted Messages

  1. Press 6 to recover deleted messages.
  2. Enter how many hours to retrieve message for (up to 48).
  3. Press 8 for the Option Menu.

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How to Contact Customer Services

If you have any problems in understanding any function within our Menus please contact Customer Services by the following:

Call any of your Genie numbers. As soon as you connect and hear the greeting start, simply press Zero & you will be taken to the Customer Service menu.

Send a message by email to Service@AllCom.com

No matter which way you use to contact customer service, please be sure to include your First Name, Last Name, and your Genie account number.

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