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GeniePage provides GenieVOX subscribers with the ability to page or be paged, without a pager, from any telephone in the United States and Canada, and from everywhere in the world on the www.GeniePage.com website. GeniePage is included in the basic GenieVOX service FREE of charge.

Receiving and returning pages with your GeniePage is one of the best values in the communications world. You can receive unlimited pages FREE at www.GeniePage.com. All pages you receive on your toll-free Genie Number from anywhere in the United States or Canada are at a flat rate of only 4 cents per page. Here’s how it works:

FREE PAGING - All of these pages are FREE:
Any page you send or receive from www.GeniePage.com :

  • To any other Genie Number On Net - worldwide
  • From any other Genie Number On Net – worldwide

FOUR CENT CALLING - All of these Calls are 4 cents a minute

Calls you make when responding to a page, to any “Off Net” telephone number in the US or Canada, or pages received on your Toll-Free Genie Number, from anywhere in the US or Canada. *GenieVOX does not provide service for Off Net international calls with the exception of Canada.

The Flat rate of 4 cents per minute means No Peak Times or "Special Charges" during "Business Hours." YOUR business happens any time of day. With GenieVOX, you always know what you’ll pay.


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*The Genie Personal Assistant, GenieVOX, GeniePage, Genie Number, GenieMail and calling card services are provided on the AllCom Universal Office platform. **The minimum age requirement for GenieCard holders is 18. The GenieCard Visa® Prepaid Card is issued by MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

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